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            On October 15, 2009 I reached my breaking point. I had constant pain in my right hip to the point I could not even cross my legs to put on my socks and my right arm would go to sleep at night, so I called Dr. Janson and said “Help.” I have been living with this for six months. I am an RN and teach other RN’s how to care for their patients but I have neglected to care for myself. I am pleased to say that Dr. Janson is truly a miracle worker. I had all but given up hope of getting rid of this pain when I made the decision to call. I would strongly encourage anyone with a chronic pain to visit Dr. Janson. If anyone can help it will be him. As of today, 11/23/09 the pain in my hip is gone and I no longer get numbness in my arm at night. I truly thank Dr. Janson and his caring staff for helping me through this! God bless them and keep them safe.
Eve W. MSN, RN

            When I first came to your office, Dr. Janson, I never thought a mere 3 weeks later, that I would feel as if nothing had been wrong.
            The pain in my left arm was unbearable and debilitating. And now I’m able to work and play with my grandchildren again “pain free”.
            Thank you so very much! I had never been to a chiropractor before and now I’m a true believer!
            Your office staff (Sherry and Mary) are so very kind and helpful and have personality plus!
Sherry A.

 I think Dr. Janson is the Best. He is good at this job. He’s the only Dr. who can crack my bones and they stay in. He’s really, really good at his job. Give him a try, you’ll see what I mean.
Linda C.

            My name is Diana R. When I 1st came in to see Dr. Janson I could barely walk. For years I have had back problems. I’ve went to MD’s and specialists and all they could do for me is give me a pill, not a solution. Dr. Janson evaluated me and said that in 9 visits I would be better and he was right. I FEEL GREAT! Thank you Dr. J. for all that you have done.
P. S.
Mary and Sherry are great and thanks to them, too.
Yours truly,
Diana R.

Dr. Janson is my only choice for treating my back and etc.
            I like his care. He’s gentle, kind, and very respectable to all his patients. Mostly, I admire him for his care, does not require removing your clothing for treatment; that makes a person feel more at ease and trusting of a Dr. I think, and I don’t make statements if I don’t believe in them.
Retha W.

 After hours of work around the house and yard I found my back so sore I could not bend or even tie my own shoes! Being disabled I was scared to see a doctor and after a week my wife sent me to Dr. Janson and just after 2 sessions my back is as good or better than ever. I recommend anybody in pain to trust Dr. Janson.
Thank you, Dr. Janson
Sean G.

Would just like to say that Dr. Janson and his staff are very nice and caring people, and would highly recommend them.
            I suffer from a lot of pain and discomfort throughout my whole body, not to mention mentally what I have to deal with.
            At first I thought not another doctor, I have seen so many with no results but this time it was different. Dr. Janson has been able to temporarily relieve some of my back pain which no one else has been able to do.
            I am thankful for his care and compassion unlike any other doctor I have been to.
            “HE CARES”
  Ron L.

 I have been to many chiropractors for many different reasons.
            Dr. Janson is the only one that can adjust my neck, no problems. I feel great. Once he adjusts my neck, I feel like new. He is number one to me and my neck.
Shirley F.
“Couldn’t Have Managed Without You”
Dr. Janson!
            Thank you so much for taking time to help me out!
            I am feeling much better already!
            I pray God bless you all the time!
Mrs. A. H.

“Just to Thank You All”
            I really want to say Thank You to all of you. You made an elderly lady, (my dear friend) Anna A., very comfortable and happy, for going out of your way. It makes us feel good to find kind people in a troubled world.
Love--Ruth and Fred B.

I came in with a severe stiff neck and severe pain in my shoulder. Trish massaged me first working as many knots and the stiffness out that she could. She suggested that I have Dr. Janson adjust me. The first time he adjusted my neck and back. It felt amazing. The pressure and the headache that I fought for 2 weeks were gone. He asked me to return 2 more times just to keep everything in line and working the way they should. I was still sore when next I came to see him, but no stiffness or headache. Now today I came in for the last adjustment, until next month. I have no pain, no soreness or stiffness. It feels wonderful. Dr. Janson and Trish work their own kind of magic.
Thank You,
Sherry S.

            I hurt my back about 2 months ago. I put off going to a chiropractor. I finally went. I was skeptical about going for about 2 weeks-3 times a week.
            Low and behold, I feel good now. I had faith in Dr. Janson.
Beth W.

  I, Brenda M., have had numerous X-rays, also MRI scan, and physical therapy. The results of those tests were a herniated disc. After, Dr. Janson reviewed the discs in my presence. This was false. I needed to be adjusted and the left lining of my spine is deteriorating.
Brenda M.

   I came to see Dr. Janson because regular visits I feel so much better, all around. My hips, neck, and back doesn’t hurt nearly like it normally does. 30 year coal miner,
T. W.

My name is Todd B. I had injured my lower back to the point it hurt to walk. I received treatment from Dr. Janson. Within the first couple of appointments I noticed a huge difference. Thank you for your help.
Todd B.

 I was working at work, I got a resident up. She almost fell. I picked her up and hurt my back and my legs. I thought I was dying. I called Dr. Janson. He cracked my back. I felt better the same day. He is wonderful. I thank him very much. I hurt no more.
Gloria W.

“Valentine’s Day Cod”

Dear Jansons,
            I just couldn’t resist this “cod.” It was so cute. Thanks so much for being YOU and for being so kind and helpful. I don’t say it enough, but I thank God for you each day. You have done so much for me-physically and emotionally.

Dr. and Mrs. Janson,
            Just a cod to say Happy Valentine’s Day!
Jennifer F. and Edgar M.
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